The “Beatler” and “Revonus”.

Two new enemies have done. Its name “Beatler” and “Revonus”.  

Beatler” is a flying species that is slightly larger than a human head. It hunts on its own, but if it feels itself in danger, then its other companions are drawn to protect one another. Normally, it is not aggressive, although it reacts violently if it feels threatened. The “Beatler” is a night creature, but it can also appear in certain domes, thus it is a quite common living being. It poisons and paralyses its enemies by attacking them. It is easy to notice, because it has a distinctive voice that is made by its wings. It gives you a useful raw material, the chitin – it gives you the opportunity to make armours and forge weapons. It is not too tough, but in exchange, its poison is very strong. It consumes carrion very often – so, if you kill an animal out there, it will congregate soon. If you do not pay attention, you will be the target and you may be killed.  

Revonus” is most likely to be compared to the wolves, but they are larger and more aggressive creatures than their other companions. The animal has enormous fangs – they help to bite through the meat. They also have pointed and sharp nails, which can cause serious damage. Their skin colour is darker in order to hide in the vegetation. They communicate with the spikes on their back. They are always together as a pack, so it is easier for them to hunt their victims down. However, they can also survive on their own, because their vitality is relatively high. The spines on their back are glowing during the night – this is the way how they show their identity. They can move very fast, thus they reach out to their victims and spring at them. As they are night creatures, they can see perfectly in the dark. They are well-oriented, and can be found rather in drier places and forests. This species does not spare either the lives of their companions because they become completely aggressive, when it comes to food – they protect it and attack anybody that comes near to them. They can provide excellent raw materials, such as leather, fur and bones.