The clay building

A new building material has been introduced, the clay.
 The clay building requires more raw materials and, in order to produce it, a different kind of material as well.
 It is absolutely suitable for the desert because, despite the fact that the weather is hot outside, you will have a pleasant time in your mud-hut.
Therefore, we can learn that the mud-hut, namely the “clay”, is well-insulated against heat and is a bit better protected than simple wood bunkers.
The clay building has a similar preparation time as wood, however, it takes longer to collect the building materials. In order to make clay, firstly, you need to find clay deposits and collect a larger amound of them.
Then you have to burn them out and you can prepare the building blocks.

Key features:  

  • Good thermal insulation
  • It is not the most ideal from the point of view of defence, but rather suitable for internal wrapping