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SpacerX now anvailable in Steam Store.
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The “Beatler” and “Revonus”.

Two new enemies have done. Its name “Beatler” and “Revonus”.  

Beatler” is a flying species that is slightly larger than a human head. It hunts on its own, but if it feels itself in danger, then its other companions are drawn to protect one another. Normally, it is not aggressive, although it reacts violently if it feels threatened. The “Beatler” is a night creature, but it can also appear in certain domes, thus it is a quite common living being. It poisons and paralyses its enemies by attacking them. It is easy to notice, because it has a distinctive voice that is made by its wings. It gives you a useful raw material, the chitin – it

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The clay building

A new building material has been introduced, the clay.
 The clay building requires more raw materials and, in order to produce it, a different kind of material as well.
 It is absolutely suitable for the desert because, despite the fact that the weather is hot outside, you will have a pleasant time in your mud-hut.
Therefore, we can learn that the mud-hut, namely the “clay”, is well-insulated against heat and is a bit better protected than simple wood bunkers.
The clay building has a similar preparation time as wood, however, it takes longer to collect the building materials. In order to make clay, firstly, you need to find clay deposits and collect

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The wooden building

Wooden buildings are also part of the game. Wood can also be simply collected as building element and the building parts can be easily made.
Its defence is not high; however, it protects you from animals and night creatures.
You can make it everywhere, but its insulation against cold is not very good. Therefore, it is suitable for using it in the forest, jungle and in other places.
Making building parts does not take much time, thus it is practical everywhere if the player is far away from the main buildings.
Wooden buildings are not only useful, but also good-looking and decorative, and lights the player’s area.

  Key features:  

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The reinforced concrete building

Many new building blocks are available in the game, such as the reinforced concrete.
The production of reinforced concrete elements is not a simple matter, it is necessary to collect many raw materials that have to be burnt out in order to be used. Raw materials can only be found in a given dome that can be obtained by a smaller or larger journey.
The building is very strong; its protection is large against weapons and animals as well.
 It is not really a decorative element; nevertheless, every building item can be painted.
You should not use reinforced concrete everywhere because its insulation against heat is not appropriate, although it is totally practi

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SpacerX - Dome Survival just got Greenlit!

We are extremely happy to tell you that our game, SpacerX - Dome Survival just got Greenlit! This is something we could not have imagined and we are really thankful of you guys for your feedback, votes and comments! This is a huge milestone for us and we really hope you will keep following the game in the future.

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